Looking for a gift for someone special?  Need a splash of color to brighten up a room?  Missing Hawaii after a vacation to the islands?  We've got many gorgeous fabrics in a variety of colors to combine for a custom made, one of a kind blanket that will be treasured for a life time.  Teens and young adults are especially fond of these heirlooms, but "youngsters" of all ages will appreciate the uniqueness of this thoughtful gift.
These are also great for picnic blankets and for the beach in which case you would request a cotton backing.

Choose a color or a group of colors to mix up and suggest a design if you'd like to specify one (diagonal, X, diamond, double diamond).  Next select a backing material from fleece, flannel or cotton and email me with your request.  Since I am just starting out, I'd prefer payment by check - half with the order and the remaining balance when the blanket is completed.  Once I receive your check and it has cleared at the bank I'll begin work.  At the moment you could have your patchwork quilt in a matter of weeks, but as it gets closer to the holidays, the wait will most likely be longer.

pisces80851@yahoo.com for all orders (please include the word QUILT in the subject)

baby blankets                           40.00
(extra charge for quilting and fiberfill inbetween) 

twin size                                 80.00

queen size                             120.00

table runners                           10.00
(Christmas fabrics available)

Wall hangings                    price to be discussed