Hiking Inside Diamond Head Crater
Every Sunday I make the hike to the Diamond Head lookout for a spectacular view of the south shore including all of Waikiki and way beyond towards Ewa Beach and also in the opposite direction as far as Kahala.

Here are a few photos taken on the way up as you climb several flights of stairs to get to the top.  You begin on a paved road which quickly turns into a fairly rocky (but safe) trail before encountering the 4 sets of stairs.  Don't let me scare you..........there is a railing to grab ahold of every step of the way and if you are lucky a nice breeze to cool you off!! 

I believe the best time to attempt this 1 1/2 hour hike is early in the morning (they open the gate at 6:00 AM) or in the afternoon if you begin by 4:30 PM at the latest because the gate is closed at  6:00.  Otherwise it's extremely HOT and often unbearable.  Also there are way less people crowding the trail at these times of day.
Enter through the tunnel.  It will cost you $5.00 per car or you can walk in for $1.00 each
Click here for old black & white photos of the Crater Fest
CLICK HERE FOR "Pisces Hawaiian Quilts"  patchwork blankets of Hawaii Nei
This is the area where they hold the Diamond Head Crater Festival, a fantastic outdoor event with good music, good food & good drink.  And of course great atmosphere!
Be careful on the 2nd set of stairs.......it's pretty steep!
Walking through the tunnel is an adventure!
Click here for some additional shots of the hike