More photos from Inside Diamond Head crater
Okay, now you're inside and ready to begin............there is a restroom and a place to buy bottled water in case you forgot to bring some.  You can already see the very top where you will hike up to and it seems so very, very far away.  But once you get started you'll be surprised how quickly you ascend to the heights.  And after you've reached the top the view is breathtaking and you can stay and rest for as long as you like!


I have encountered many a tourist, especially the Japanese ladies, who obviously have not been warned and suffer badly for it.  I've seen backless pointy toed shoes with spikey heels on plenty of them and it is quite unbelievable and sad in a way. prepared, okay?  Up on top you'll have a chance to make a small donation and receive in return a certificate of completion so that you can prove to all your friends that you made it!!  For some people this will be important =) However, it is not mandatory.

And folks, this goes without saying, please don't litter ANYWHERE on the island.  It just amazes me that there are people who still do this.  There are trash cans in various locations so please hold onto your rubbish til you get to one.  Mahalo
To view beautiful patchwork blankets of Hawaii Nei please click on this photo
This inner area is still a military facility and you are asked to stay on the trail at all times.  No exploring is allowed. The parking lot gets crowded pretty early especially with tourist busses, so be aware.
Hikers on the trail resemble an ant farm! Looking back to see how far you've come (just before you take on the first set of stairs)
The spiral staircase, you're almost there now!
Aaaaaaah, finally!  Reaching the top is completely exhilarating!  What an amazing sight in every direction   !
On the way down you'll be tempted to take some short cuts, but please stay on the trail.  You'll run into some folks who are huffing & puffing on their way up and you'll be smiling and skipping along on your way down.  Be sure to say hello to everyone and show your aloha spirit!
One method of entering and exiting the crater is by the taking the trolley that leaves from Waikiki and goes to other selected places all over the island.