When I visited my friend Patty and her family at their rented North Shore beach house they told me that they had seen sea turtles in the water while they were swimming.  I had seen a few over near Blow Hole a couple of summers ago, but they just stuck their heads out of the water while they were feeding and then they disappeared.  The most amazing thing happened while I was there on the north shore..............we were laying out in the sun and Patty went into the house for some drinking water.  After a couple of minutes I looked up toward the ocean to find a HUGE honu heading straight for me, creeping slowly out of the water up onto  the shore.  He kept on coming and stopped about 3 feet away and just lay there for about half an hour!  Meanwhile Patty had returned and was astonished to see the turtle so near.  We felt honored and special that he had shown himself to us and we enjoyed being able to observe him at such close range for so long a period of time.  After that we saw several others up & down the beach and wondered if they were drying out or resting or what.  There was also a beach way further down where we were able to find lots of sea urchin shells, which thrilled me a lot as they are my favorites (well sand dollars too, but none of those were found).

At the end of the day, while shopping in Haleiwa town, Patty bought me a silver honu charm to wear as a
necklace, commemorating our amazing day with the honu on the beach.  It really felt so magical.
Heading back to the water........bye honu.  Mahalo for the special visit!