Custom Patchwork Quilts of Hawaii Nei by Rickey Valdez
More Hawaiian quilts from Rickey & Selene
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I have lived in Honolulu for 30 years and have always loved Hawaiian fabrics since they were popular when I was living in California as a teenager. In high school I took sewing class for three years and made all kinds of clothes.  After creating patchwork quilts and baby blankets for friends over the years my daughter & I  decided to try offering some at Christmas craft faires in the area.  What an experience!  What chaos!  I think it is time to show some of our work here and you can decide from these examples, what you would like us to make for you. 
More Hawaiian Quilts from Rickey & Selene
The beauty of the 'aina  is undeniable so other than working on quilts I enjoy the beach and hiking to the top of Diamond Head once a week.  Don't get me wrong, there are many beautiful places to hike and nature is definitely where my inspiration comes from when designing quilts, but Diamond Head is quick and great exercise and best of all it's practically right in my backyard. 
All our friends and family are wonderfully supportive of this quilting venture we've embarked on and we thank them for this from the heart.
  My mother, who lives on the island 6 months out of the year is always thrilled to see each project we create and says she is "overwhelmed by the beauty" each time she gets to see a new one.  My son and his two daughters are always enthusiastic about each new quilt and were among the first recipients of home made quilts, expressions of our love. 
   My good friend Linda has had to give up a lot of the beach time we used to spend together for me to be able to follow my dream.
  I've made a fantastic friend of a gal who bid on one of my quilts at an auction at the UK Sparks Convention 2006 and won it for her very own to keep her warm during the freezing Glasgow nights (the band SPARKS being one of my other passions)
   Two of my very close amigas I've known since 3rd grade and we still see eachother at least once a year.  In fact, one is flying in this week for a few days, how great is that?  Well, not to see me really, her son is going to U. of Hawaii now so that's the real reason for her visit.  But I'm sure we'll have a couple of mai-tais under the banyan tree at the Moana Hotel, listening to Hawaiian music, or at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel looking out towards the surfers and catamarans on the ocean at Waikiki Beach, my lovely Diamond Head and coconut trees along the sand as a backdrop.  Oh, the rainbows that can be seen every single day and the blue skies and gorgeous sunsets I count among my "family" as well as they are a big part of who I am.